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Racking Installation Service

Complete Service are specialists in the installation, supply and fitting of all types of warehouse racking and pallet racking. 

We can assist right from planning of your warehouse racking system, to supply of new racking or simply the installation of your pre existing warehouse racking.

With our experience we can install pallet racking to comply with the most stringent of safety standards and to offer the most effective use of your space, on time every time.

  • Racking Installation

  • Racking Inspection

  • Racking Repair

  • Racking Removal and Relocation

  • Racking Products - Supplied by Lindell Storage Solutions

Alteration & Replacement

Over the years we have helped many of its customers of altering existing racking storage equipment to suit changes for new products or requirements. Not only we offer the industry leading alterations service but we also have all the racking in stocks which can then be used to repair any accidental damage quickly.

When the ageing racking are not meeting the current standard, we help our customers to decommisson the racking and replace with new racking within budget.​

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